Advocacy Group, Inc.

Happy New Year from AGI

Here at AGI, we know your inbox becomes slammed before the holidays. Last-minute client requests, party invites, and of course a deluge of impersonal blast email greetings from companies you haven’t heard from in years… who needs another one of those?

That’s why we decided to create a post-holiday post instead. And we included a video to boot—just something that shows we are getting back into the regular swing of things, post-food coma and sugar cookie high.

If you’re reading this, you’re part of a small group we like to call “Friends of AGI”: current and past clients, specialized vendors, or just people we find interesting. Please let us know if you’d ever like to discuss what we do, or how we can help you build the perfect campaign in the new year. Just like Legos, we know how to make all the pieces fit.

We hope you enjoy our New Years greeting, which we send with our best wishes for your continued success in 2014.

-The AGI Team

Mike, Christy, Wes, Todd, and Emily