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How are you using Twitter in 2014?

The setting was The Hamilton in Washington, DC. The attendees came from all over the city with a variety of backgrounds and interests, but there was one common strand that brought us together: our love for Twitter. This was #TwitterDC 2014!

Still unsure of what this word “Twitter” is or means? Peter Greenberger, Washington’s Director of Sales at Twitter, referred to it as “the global town square” and couldn’t have summarized it better. This rapidly growing social platform has now over 230 million active users that are “tweeting” one billion times every two days. I think the best thing about Twitter is that it is an open conversation that you take part of instantly ranging from broad or niche topics. According to the Global Strategy Group & Twitter Beltway Elites Research Project, 2013, 83 percent of young elites find Twitter to be useful, with 46 percent stating the platform is very useful, for sharing information with a large number of people. As a matter of fact, Twitter is now considered the #1 source for breaking news.

I’m sure you are thinking, “That’s great. But why should I care; how does this pertain to me?” Because if you aren’t integrating Twitter into you campaign or brand marketing strategy, you are doing it wrong. And let me tell you why:

  • 100 percent of the U.S. Senate and 97 percent of the House of Representatives are active on Twitter.
  • During President Obama’s acceptance speech at #DNC2012 52,752 tweets were sent per minute.
  • 76 percent of users access Twitter from their mobile devices.
  • Seven in ten elite users say Twitter is the best way to stay informed about breaking political news and developments.

Now that I have your attention, let me break down how you can make Twitter a critical component to “win the moment [or campaign].”

  • Establish your voice with compelling and relevant content. Well-produced, engaging, and original content reigns supreme. The more relatable the better. In the era of social networks, we have found that people want to be a part of an authentic and relevant conversation. That’s where the platform of Twitter thrives, creating conversations with your advocates in a social space to raise awareness or convert them into taking action.
  • Use of rich media is key. The key to delivering great content is through the use of rich media. Social media is meant to be entertaining, informative, and spontaneous. Being able to leverage your advocates’ likes, opinions and interactions to promote a larger issue or picture is what makes a campaign successful. Due to the popularity of YouTube, Instagram, and the newly popular Buzzfeed, social media users are now digesting more information in less time through photographs, infographics, GIFs, and videos. This has allowed for brands and associations to take advantage of this in creating shareable and concise content.
  • Harness the unknown to your advantage. Current events rule the ‘Twitter school yard” due the rapidness and influx of information on the platform. As I stated earlier, Twitter is now considered the #1 source for breaking news. Use this to your advantage and be flexible when creating content or developing responses. Recently AARP made light of Jeff Daniel’s Emmy acceptance speech, who joked that his only previous win was a Barcalounger for AARP’s “Movies for Grownups” award, with the following tweet. Allow Twitter to be your platform to respond to breaking news using keyword targeting in timelines and hashtags. Consider creating a Twitter ad campaign to support an idea or fact-check a contrasting opinion right as the conversation starts to emerge.
  • Activate supporters with direct calls to action. With Lead generation cards, once a user expands your tweet, you can give them the option to respond to a call-to-action by submitting their email address immediately.

As Twitter begins to develop more as place for advocacy-focused campaigns, be sure you are ahead of the learning curve. Have the knowledge that you are both able to create a conversation or take part in larger one.

At AGI, we create compelling social media campaigns every day. If you would like to sit down and talk social media campaign strategy, I will happily do so. Reach out at ehoffman [at] advocacygroupinc [dot] com.

Go forth, and tweet.